Emiliya Ahmadova

Emiliya Ahmadova was born in the city of Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. Emiliya is a compassionate and spiritual person, devoted to the well-being of other people. She writes in order to highlight the social issues that are happening throughout the world in hope to bring positive changes.

Emiliya has diplomas in business management, as well as a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in human resources management. She also has International diplomas in the advanced study of the theory and practice of management, administration and business management, communications, hotel operations management, office management and administration, and Professional English from the Cambridge International College, in addition to a certificate in novel-writing.

Emiliya likes being around people, listening to their issues, adores travel, enjoys playing soccer. Her favorite activity, along with spending her time with family, is offering voluntary services and working on her books.
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Mr. White becomes a Mayor

As Thanksgiving approached, a small town by the name of Liberty became alive with excitement. The townsfolk desperately needed the distraction after having to bury their mayor, who had passed away after choking on a fish bone.  It had been a depressing time, especially for the poor, because he had always kept his office door open in order to give out free meals to the needy.

Now the town was very busy preparing for the election of a new mayor, as well as dealing with the loss of the previous one.

As soon as Mr. Miracle had been buried the two candidates, Mr. Slender and Mr. White, began running against each other for the position of mayor.

Mr. Slender had one vision–to make Liberty a great town where every nation and race could live and work together as a family. He was so consumed with fixing the problems of the town that he kept losing weight. His face always looked like he was lost. And along with that, for some unknown reason, a hump appeared on his back, giving him a crooked appearance. The townsfolk said that it was the effect of too many burdens on his shoulders.

Like Mr. Slender, Mr. White had a vision; his was to get rid of non-locals. He wanted to erect a huge gate at the entry to the town in order to make sure that immigrants could not enter Liberty. He was a short but well-built man, with the face of a charmer and a craving for pretty women. For this reason he married a tall beauty, Angelina, who was 20 years younger than him.

His motto was ‘Money rules the world’. This man ran a huge factory which produced toilet paper and napkins, and he employed only locals. His office had a big poster that read, “We Hire Only Locals”. In his campaign speeches, he kept promising to get rid of all immigrants from Liberty.

 On Sunday evening, while Mr. White slept next to his wife, he had an odd dream that made him toss and sweat.

At first he saw himself in a huge stadium filled with people. They were all cheering as Mr. Slender stood in front of them, thanking them for choosing him as mayor. Mr. White’s eyes bulged with surprise when he saw him.

Mr. Slender was not thin and bony anymore. His body was filled out and more muscular. For some reason, he was wearing boxing gloves, white shorts, and a white T-shirt that had many red stars on it.

He approached Mr. White and put a hand on his shoulder. He held a microphone with his other hand.

“People of Liberty, thank you very much for believing in me and choosing me as your mayor.”

He removed his hand from White’s shoulder and put it on his chest as he said, “I promise I will never fail you. Our town of Muslims and Christians will unite to fight crime and terrorism. We will open our borders to every nation and turn Liberty into a great place for everyone.”

Mr. Slender gazed at Mr. White with a huge grin on his face. “As for Mr. White–after losing the election to me, he said that he would donate toilet paper to every household.”

At Slender’s words, Mr. White’s jaw dropped. He was unable to speak for a moment. His face showed his shock.

This is some kind of a weird dream, thought White. First, he’s promising to open the doors to everyone. Inviting criminals into our town. Now he wants me to dole out my own money to strangers.

Finally, he gained the strength to answer.

”I have never promised free toilet paper. If you want to shit, you have to pay for toilet paper. Twenty cents per roll. Nothing is free in this town!”

The audience got up and booed. They held their fists up and shouted, “Mr. Slender, punch him! Punch, Punch, Punch!”

Toilet paper was pelted at Mr. White. Mr. Slender, encouraged by the people, went up to him and punched him in the face. Mr. White fell back, and he spat blood.

 The dream took him to another scene. He saw himself running through the streets of his town as the hideous laughter of an invisible force assailed his ears. Dark clouds hung over, threatening rain. A huge clown’s head with red glowing eyes kept chasing after him.

As he dashed for his life, he kept looking back. To his horror, the clown’s head turned into Mr. Slender’s face.

”Ha, ha, ha! I am going to become the mayor of this town!” the head said. It opened its huge mouth, ready to swallow him.

Somehow Mr. White managed to get away. He turned left and end up in a dark street. It did not have any lights. He looked up at the sky, and frowned as he noticed the dark clouds. For a moment, they looked like a beast ready to attack him.

Suddenly the clouds burst and water fell in torrents. As lightning flashed across the sky, he could see an army of demons. He somehow knew that they were lined up to attack every soul in Liberty. The winged, hideous creatures started flying over the city. The sight sent a shiver down White’s body.

As the water rose, submerging buildings, Mr. White found himself drowning, gasping for air and he  awoke. He looked around, his body trembling like a leaf.

“Quite a strange dream I had,” hethought.

He got out of bed, put on his slippers, and walked towards his desk in the study. As he settled into his chair, he pondered his dream and wondered if it had predicted his fall. He rubbed his head with both his hands, trying to massage away a stabbing pain.

He pulled out a small bottle of whiskey from a drawer and took a few sips.

“I am not going to let that freak win the show!”

He looked at his watch and saw that it was 3 a.m. With a grunt, he picked up his phone and called Peter, the man who ran his factory. Mr. White impatiently drummed his fingers on his desk as the phone rang.

“Why is that idiot taking so long to answer his phone? With the salary I pay him, he should be available at any time!”

Finally he heard a voice over the phone. “Good morning, Mr. White. How can I help you?”

“I shouldn’t have to wait so long for you to answer my phone call,” said White, his voice raised.

“My apologies, Mr. White. I was in a deep sleep. It will never happen again.” His voice sounded shaky.

“Call the factory. Instruct them to have my picture added to the toilet paper and napkins, as well as the words, “Vote for Johnny White and free your town of immigrants.”

“Anything else, Mr. White?” asked Peter, trying not to yawn loudly.

Mr. White touched his chin as he sat back in his armchair.

“One more thing. Send out a truck, with my picture and the same slogan on it, to every street. Have the workers distribute free toilet paper and tissues. I want every household to see my face, and read my slogan whenever they wipe their asses or hands or blow their noses. This way they will know I am the right man for them!”

Mr. White yawned loudly. “Is everything clear?”

“Yes, sir,” Peter answered, trying not to laugh.

Mr. White hung up the phone. He picked up his speech from the desk and began reading. Overpowered by drowsiness, he fell asleep. His papers fell from his hands and landed at his feet.

The next day was Election Day. That morning Angelina went into his study, looking for him. She opened the curtains, allowing light to enter the room. When she saw him napping in his chair, she hurried over and touched his shoulder.

“Wake up! We’ll be late for the speech!”

Mr. White jumped up. “Where am I?”

“You’re in your study.”

He looked his wife over and his eyes stopped on her round bottom.

“Is there time for play?” he asked as he grabbed her.

She removed his hand. “Maybe when you stop touching your secretaries’ bottoms. Then we might play.”

“I just grabbed them as jokes,” he said with a playful pout.

“Everything is a joke for you. Don’t you think it’s time to become serious?” Angelina frowned. “Anyway, there’s no time for debate. We must leave soon.”

They left the study and began preparing to leave. Angelina brushed her long brown hair, and put on a nice cream-colored short dress and high-heeled shoes. Mr. White put on a black suit and a red tie, which made him look more serious. He smoothed his hair with gel.

They got into a black SUV with tinted windows. The driver and a tall security guy sat in front.

“I know you’re still pissed off with me and my ass-grabbing incidents,“ Mr. White continued. “As I said, they were jokes. I would never look at any woman other than you. Anyway, women are only after sex and money. I would rather spend my money on you!”

Angelina crossed her arms. “When you make negative remarks about women, remember I am a woman as well. However, I will pretend as if nothing happened. Just for the elections.”

Mr. White said nothing and looked outside. White flags with red stars hung on the porches. He also noticed posters with his and Mr. Slender’s photos on them, along with their slogans.

Finally the vehicle approached the hotel where their speeches would be made. As the SUV entered the hotel’s grounds, people holding posters that read “Vote for Mr. Slender” swarmed the vehicle and pelted it with White’s toilet paper.

White shook his head. “What a waste. I should make them pay 20 cents each for them.”

The driver blew the horn and drove slowly forward to the hotel’s entrance. Security rushed towards them.

Angelina got out first, followed by her husband. As he stood up, he tried to hold his wife’s hand, but she pushed it away.

“Not with the hand that you are using to grab other women’s assets,” she whispered into his ear. She put a smile on for the public.

They entered the lobby, and journalists approached them.

“Mr. White, if you become Mayor, what is the first step you will take?”

“I’ll make sure than no one can illegally enter our town.”

“After Mrs. Kathy and other women accused you of touching them inappropriately, you fired them. How would you explain this type of behavior to the people of Liberty?” asked another reporter.

The unexpected question confused Mr. White. He looked around wildly, wondering what to say–then decided to change the topic and cause confusion with made-up news.

White grinned. “Did you hear that many in Wonder Land got killed today from a huge explosion?” he asked out of the blue.

“Explosion in Wonder Land?” the surprised reporters asked each other. “Were you aware of the explosion?” No one had heard about it.

He went into the conference room. Reporters from Tell The Truth TV station were recording the event. People stood around talking to each other.

A tall man in a grey suit approached him.

“Good morning, Mr. White,” he said with a smile on his face. He glanced at White’s security man, who stood behind him.

“Mr. White, can I tell you something in private, please?”

“Sure,” answered White.

They moved away from Angelina and the security guard. The man whispered something into White’s ear as he grabbed his hand. Mr. White felt a sudden sharp pain, as if a bee had stung him.

“Okay, thank you for letting me know. I will deal with that issue.”

“I will do anything for you,” said the stranger with a wide smile. He glanced a clock on the wall. “But for now I must leave.”

Mr. White’s eyes wandered around in search of Mr. Slender.

However, Mr. Slender’s stomach had been on fire since early morning from some pepper he had eaten in an Indian restaurant. He had not been able to sleep because of diarrhea, which made him run to the bathroom all night. Therefore, at the same time Mr. White was searching for him, he was in his room sitting on the toilet, emptying his bowels and waiting for an important phone call.

Back in the conference room, for some unknown reason, Mr. White began to feel jolly. A song started going through his mind: “Welcome to the Liberty”. He gazed around merrily, with a sudden urge to dance.

The people in the room began to look ugly to him. A few reporters approached, and one of them had two horns and a beard. When she spoke, her voice sounded like a sheep bleating.

Another reporter looked like a cow. It seemed as if he was chewing on his microphone. Mr. White burst out laughing.

“Where are the people of my town?” he shouted.

He walked towards the podium and picked up the mic. Then he closed his eyes and started rapping. Everyone stopped talking, their attention fixed on him.

Let me tell you one thing my people

I am your goat and you are my sheep

You follow blindly everywhere I go

You believe in my every word

Now listen to me

The hungry wolves are after our wealth.

We must close the borders before it is too late

Choose me as your mayor and I will liberate you from them.

The man who had approached him earlier, and had injected him with a drug, took out his phone and dialed a number.

Mr. Slender answered the video call as he sat on the toilet.

“Sir, I have injected Mr. White with a hallucinogen. He is making a fool of himself.” He turned the phone so that he could see Mr. White.

He was dancing, then suddenly he dropped to the ground, shaking as if he was having an epileptic fit. People rushed to help him.

Surprised, Mr. Slender got up from the toilet. This was not what he had wanted.

He dropped the toilet paper, which had Mr. White’s face on it, to the floor. Stepping on it in his mad dash to go help Mr. White, he forgot to wipe himself. As he ran, a huge piece of toilet paper dragged from his foot.

On the way to the conference, however, his stomach grumbled again and he was forced to return to the toilet to finish his business.

Later on, he found out that Mr. White had had a mild heart attack and was taken to the hospital. Later in the evening, the news came out that Mr. White had won the election.

Despite his foolish behavior, which people witnessed over the TV, the townsfolks chose him as their mayor! After all everything is possible in the Liberty town!


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