Sandy Rochelle

Sandy Rochelle is a widely published, award winning poet, Actress and filmmaker.

Her Documentary film, Silent Journey is streaming on Culture Unplugged.



As the pink elephant removes the chains that
Shackle him to the unseen world we move forward.
The sunset that praises Matisse keeps us
grounded in the here and now.
What we know- or do not know is of little value.
The only relief from grief is the breath.
Our only legacy.

Born a Saint

From the seeds and grains the soul is born.
Ready to stand on the earth and pronounce itself.
The body slumbers.
Emptiness cannot understand what it does not see.
This insubstantial earth.
Barren and unknowing.
Unmarked-waiting for ownership.
We travel alone and unrecognized.

The Glass Slipper

It is true that the glass slipper
Is not suited to my temperamental feet
And the Prince is a bit of a heretic.
But the pumpkin carriage warms my soul
And the midnight chimes my heart.
The familial clock conspires with the air to erase
All that has been and gone before.
With a King crowned replacing the fragile Prince
Whose soul has been magnified to embrace the heart of a King.
(Published originally by the Ekphrastic Review.)


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