An interview with Polly Richardson

Name  Polly Richardson Munnelly

Resident of Dingle Kerry , Ireland

Place of birth Dublin , Ireland.

4 bums on a rugby goalpost

Why do you write?

Passion. As a form of artistic expression.  I love poetry, words, language and playing around with it all. I love the journey writing takes me on, the sounds, imagery.  I love crafting poems, inventing words, and weaving the tapestry that evolves. No matter the language writing takes, the journey it gifts is quiet the extraordinary wonder. It’s like wrapping up in sunrise, feeling the earth breathe, hearing rain drop sing. They do sing you know if you listen!

What do you write about?  

Whatever falls on to the page. I never know until I start writing! I let the writing take me on a journey and I am always surprised where we end up (writing and I) It could be a poem, a piece of flash fiction, a short story. I don’t corral my writing.  I don’t doubt it either. I always stay true to myself.

 Many of my poems are steeped in my love of nature, horses and life’s journeys, my love of the sea, the moon and constellations, megalithic heritage the list goes on and on. Sometimes metaphorically, sometimes autobiographically. I’m fascinated by myths, legends, local folklore, engines, motorbikes and language all language and the human mind!

No matter the language there’s always the rhythm and flow. I’m falling in love with my own mother tongue. I’ve only started to realise how much I have lost growing up by not able to speak my own native language fluently. I’m changing that. I’ve even started to hear poetic lines in my mother tongue. Now that’s a wonder to be hold! I can and do write to themes and form, but that’s restrictive, also a challenge but too many others do that and repeat it. I’m always looking to evolve my craft; writing can never be allowed to become stagnant. Its for ever changing and growing, as am I .

When do you write  Oooo now this has many answers to it. What I write here won’t reflect what the last interview I gave said.   Up until March 2020 I was a strict 4 hours per day writer, expect weekends, weekends I read. I sat in the same spots, in the same places in the same county, with a view if possible and wrote.

 Life has changed since then,  in a great way for me, the arrival of C 19 has in its own way given me many gifts. With my new job, running two writers groups through zoom, I’ve had to learn to adapt, so has my routine. Routine is important for writing. The weather depends on the where I write. My work shifts depend on the when. I’m incredibly lucky to have good management that support my creativity and mainly give me the afternoon shifts, leaving my mornings free for writing.

I might take my phone and disappear for hike into the mountains and write for two hours and or work edits. I may take off  on the bicycle to the many costal spots with my laptop I feel drawn to here in Dingle and spent two / three hours writing.  If its stormy I like to sit on my bed in a different spot to where I sleep, be able to look out the window and write. My writing routine remains the same. The places and the how adapt.  I write in the morning always unless I have planned a reading day! You can’t write without reading, and muse always needs refuelling.

Who do you read/ take inspiration from?  –    

There are many I adore reading, so let’s just start with the now and work back ! At present I’m on a journey with Maya Anglou, collectively with other writers. I’m loving that experience. I love Charles Bukowski, Ted Hughes,  Sylvia Plath and  some of Gingsbergs work,  I enjoy exploring writings from  The Beat poets . Adore Howl! I’ve also got some neat poetry anthologies from the 1800 which I love getting lost in  -back to love of language again. (they are currently in bubble wrap in in Dublin ! I really miss my poetry books !) Some of Oscar Wildes works invoke something in me  I enjoy and I adore Shakespeare .

Yet I flock to Kate Tempest a lot, Christine Dominquie – wow powerful powerful word smithers!  Talented women. I also enjoy many modern Irish poets work, some I’ve met and heard, others I’ve discovered. But they have to be diverse, have something that sets them aside from all other poets/ writers have- rawness about them, authentic voice.

How do you write? –

How? well my laptop, or word on my phone. If I’m learning a new form, I’ll hand write that and maybe draw some artwork with it. But a lot of writing starts with a thought, especially when going as pillion on the back of motorbikes or on hikes!

You’re going to release your first Album, what would it be called?


You could be anything other than a writer, what would you be?  

-Animal conservationist – working to conserve Orangutans habitats and or and observing Silver back Gorillas in the wild  and protecting wild mustangs !

Why are manhole covers round?

Hmmm why are they called manholes !…. My guess so the Turtles can use them as frezbee  to whack Shredder with !

What would your autobiography be called?

Holy fuck I survived!

You can claim one piece of art as your own work, what would it be and why?

Any of Tony O Connors equine art! Omg that man has super talent. It takes real skill to capture horses souls on to canvas, that man captures their true heart!

You’re on death row, what would your last meal be?

Shepherd’s Pie, with melted cheese on top, followed by deep filled warm apple tart, with half ice-cream half whipped cream on top, with grated chocolate washed down with a proper Irish coffee!

What was the last piece of music you listened to?

The Pale – Butterfly

When did you last go to a live sporting event, what was it?

2019 – Motorbike road racing.

If interviewed what would your pet say about you?

Lol she’s fu**ing nuts but her hugs are gorge !   She talks to the plants as if they are me!

Now See why n the f**k must she invite every other stray animal home!!!! I run out of pee marking my things !! Is it any wonder why I drink from the loo ! And see when she gives them leftovers to the birds -that’s not on! Not f**king on I tells ya ! Ya know what’s I do ? I  do let one of them silent farts when curled up  keeping her cold feet warm ,with my eyes closed, then wag the tail to be sure I make my protest lololol! I’m not impressed with feeding the local cats either! But I do like the zoom calls, I like to sit in front of the camera to be sure I’m seen. Poetry is very enlightening you know .  She may have a slight problem though understanding we don’t have to walk for hours before snack time and she sleeps on my side of the f**king bed!

You can invent an App, what would it do?

Identify idiots hiding behind smiles!

Describe yellow to someone who is blind in 50 words

It’s like butter, mixes well ,smells like lemon and  feels like sun


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