Mike Davidson

Mike Davidson is a writer and poet. Growing up, the Overland Park area of Kansas City provided the backdrop and setting for the life experiences that shaped and cultivated him, and inspired the opportunity for him to find his creative animus.  

 Starting in his youth he utilized language to overcome a speech impediment; wielding polysyllabic vocabulary to paint the concepts of love, loss, and awakening onto his canvass.   

 Over time he would develop a style of writing that would become his own. His words are described as powerful, inspiring, and familiar to heart; able to capture the soul through pen and paper. He believes that cradling both agony and passion while casting their collective cadence in an exalted fashion allows others to view the extremes of life in an entirely new way; as a collective, not it’s individual parts.  

Lilith’s Leonin

~The Fallen Shikari~

       Flashburn Narratives forge the plot for Brimstone’s Ire 
      Aspirate pyretic truths, soothing clues to preaching choirs 
     Sacral sirens succiduous psalms meet suanguine sonnets sung of 
       sinners wrongs
          The last of Eros tore through Aethers mind 
and cast recollection’s first design 
For within us ALL temptation reigns, 
   Redemptions found in fanning flames 
     The Saligiaré perch aloof, as her saline truths cascade benign as rivers Scarlett 
     In scowling brow and Lilith’s pride, dewdrops dry departing clouds from amber eyes
     Leonin fervor famed as Lust J’adore 
she grasped hypocrisy by its throat, in straddling assertions, Judgement .....,,,,became her whore 

.......she may be salacious, sadistic, insatiably mirific, pseudo-sacrosanct pinprick conniption fit for a misfit lunatic...but SO AM I.....
            and you can suck my 
   ......but were resistant to change....
and insistent I remain....
          beneath the halo of, “hers” and “mine” blazing Iris’, 
                       We, the Progeny of Osiris, with burning eyes
      in flaming tribe
—Welcome you to the Pyroclasm 
                             Of the 

Villanaccí Fibonesque

•••Im tHe ALphA aNd tHe oMEgA...ORobOuRoS cAsT iN aNaLemmA••• 
In seeking truth my speech transmutes my SOUL Dictions prescription dispensed from Spirit’s APOCRYPHA  
Two eyes to look, the third to see the SIGNS  
Enlightenment’s titans weep at humanity’s CRIME devour the hour to regurgitate DISPERSION 
In seeking truth, my speech transmutes my SOUL  
tracing eclipses coastlines of quantum QUERIES effigies augment commerce-solitary greed SIMULACRUM  
disciples of empathy weave sequence FIBONACCI 
Initiative’s chain breaking complacency’s fate turned LUMINARY  
hive-minds fetish; pseudo-sacrosanct PERVERSION  
in seeking truth, my speech transmutes my SOUL  
Idolatry falsified forgeries of intelligent DESIGN the augurs redacted the Spiral of LIFE  
disciples of empathy weave sequence FIBONACCI  
Soul Kingdom’s chosen—Diglossia PRIME When one unsheathes word impeccable; In turn one wields a KNIFE  
In seeking truth my speech transmutes my SOUL Disciples of empathy weave sequence FIBONACCI 

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