Mihaela Melnic

Mihaela Melnic (born in Romania) is an Italian poetess and writer of short fictional stories. She currently lives in Rome, city that has often been, to a degree, her muse. The intricacy of human nature that often travels on a parallel path and at times intertwines with that of other natural elements are precious sources of inspiration for her verses. Mihaela’s first bilingual poetry collection, Change Of Seasons, written in English and Italian, was released in 2018. She is currently working on a collaborative book of poems and short stories titled Evermore, set to be published later this year through 17Numa Press.

Beyond the Rules

Ramshackle dwellings
filled with laughter

hands joined, hips swaying
in the night

a furtive burning glance wraps it all
beyond splinters, poverty
and conformism

Remember how the shadow 
of your own thrill
on the wall
yearning to be free
at least for a moment? 

But maybe at heart you were...

Like a Devadasi

They put me into the world
unaware and human.
Did I ask for life, for shape or intellect?
Come to me, Light
and flesh out my bones 
but leave me the marrow.
I yearn for rebirth in a myriad of forms...

A Queen bee - love is like honey. 
A Lycaon through the dunes - captive of the desert. 

And may the heather on the moor 
wrap and hide my figure if I turn into a viper.
I also yearn to become a tree... 
As you can see, I ask nothing impossible from the universe. 
I kneel to God Destiny, like a devadasi.

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