Robin Payne

My name is Robin Michele Michael Payne.

I’m a native Californian who grew up loving to read and write from a young age. I wrote poems and short stories and have always dreamed of writing for a living but am happy enough to share what I create. I lost my creative self over the years and have just recently delved headlong into it once more.

I currently reside in Giza, Egypt, for almost 12 years now, but am looking to relocate to England to learn more about the literary arts and perhaps becoming a playwright. I am inspired by the love of my life, nature and everything beautiful, dark and full of spirit. I try to write what is close to my heart, even if that means laying my soul open for all the world to read. I write from my heart and am just trying to leave this world a little bit better with my presence.

The Great Equalizer

This one word, cancer, it levels the field
The harbinger of death, his pet, per se
The plans that you've made, have just been repealed.
Not fussy; young, old, strong, weak, all its prey.
Does not distinguish by race, sex or creed.
The love that's between you, won't be enough;
Screaming, crying on your knees you will plead.
This, our mortal coil, too soon it will slough
Your plans, preparations, expectations
All for naught, the light of your life, soon snuffed;
Your life, have you lived it? Your aspirations,
The dreams in your chest. Let pride not be puffed.
All your wants and desires, don't ever scoff.
Death, the great equalizer, won't be put off.

The River Styx.

In my dream, came upon the river Styx.
No living soul, nor dead, did I observe;
Solitary boat, stands empty; depicts
No reflection seen; stoic in its reserve.

Missing was the boatman, save two ravens
On its bow. Empty eyes; no explanations
Fell from their lifeless jowls. Bid safe havens
On deck I step; seeking revelations.

Yet, no fear did settle down upon me
As I stepped into the raft. It unmoored
Ever slow, to glide silent as can be.
Over side I peered; totally ignored.

As my reflection showed, shocked cold was I
When I heard, "now is not the time to die."

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