Ken Gosse

Ken Gosse generally writes light poetry using simple language, meter, and rhyme in verses filled with whimsy and humor. First published in The First Literary Review–East in 2016, his poetry is also online with Academy of the Heart and Mind, Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Home Planet News, Impspired, and others. He is also in print anthologies from Pure Slush, The Coil, Truth Serum Press, Peking Cat, and others. Raised in the Chicago suburbs, he and his wife have lived in Indiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Germany, Virginia, and now in Mesa, Arizona over twenty years with two or more rescue dogs and cats always underfoot. Their four children and their grandchildren are scattered around the county, mostly at long distances.

The Ancient’s Revelation (A Feng Shui Limerick)

There was an old hermit, Chinese,
who in public was most ill at ease
till one day, bold as brass,
he stripped down to bare ass
and let his feng shui in the breeze.

A Fitting Tiara (a 100-word ekphrastic poem)

A woman of grace, she was clearly refined
though robust and quite ample in front and behind.
Dignified, stylish, and one of a kind
with a smile in her style which her guests would soon find
showed both caring and courtesy fully entwined.

Quite shy in her youth, vicious teasing endured
but as confidence, body, and humor matured
her auspiciously tectonic movements assured
that the tea in the cups on her trays would be stirred
but not shaken by strides which could barely be heard.

Yet a mystery hovered, though nearly unseen—
an enigma which graced Mona Lisa’s own mien.

Cat Tales

Ogden explained that,
after nashural begat,
kitten becomes cat.

P.S. (or P.E. – Paper Eclipsed)
Nash’s writing so eclipses
mine, I’ll just write this …


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