Gabby Marsh

Gabby Marsh is a writer studying English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Manchester, currently in their second year. So far they’ve had one short story, ‘Moved’ published in Horla Magazine.

When Nothing is Said and Done

I allow truth, but only in bits and pieces. When I’m done,
all the leftovers go straight into a tub, stuffed into the bottom
of the freezer.
When I take it out, I’m scared it’ll thaw,
allowing a bystander access to the feathery texture
of this secret.
Luckily, even the stars stand distant and inattentive
to me. I can assure myself that any spurt of personality,
has been stuffed in the freezer too.
I mean, when the freezer lid won't click back on, all you need
is to take a knife to the ice that creeps over the entrance.
Mum’s jacket keeps me in a temporary hold as I hack at it. Ice
hits the floor, melting outwards. Reaching down,
the jacket sleeve slaps the water.
A flake of fake leather puckers and lands
in the water, without a sound.
I only know myself in bits and pieces too.

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