Ramzi Rihani

Ramzi Albert Rihani is a Lebanese American writer. His poems have been published in several publications including Goats Milk Magazine, Poetic Sun, Last Leaves Magazine, Cacti Fur Journal, Ariel Chart International Literary Journal, Poetry Potion, The Piker Press, Active Muse, Ephemeral Elegies, and The Silent Journey Anthology. He is a published music critic, wrote and published a travel book “The Other Color – a Trip Around the World in Six Months” (FMA Press, 1984). He lives in Washington, DC.


In a forest of lush shades of green
Like a Rousseau painting
With ferocious lions, apes and tigers
And children’s imagination
Wider than the vastest canyon.

Ideas float, carried 
Like feathers on the surface of water
Can’t sink, vanish or disappear
Stronger than the wildest lions
They bloom into gigantic creations 
Like the Garden of Eden 
At the end of time.

Unwritten Verses

The ink is dry 
The poet hasn’t finished his poem
He repeats the unwritten verses
Like a mirage in a desert
Memory reigns	
Scrambled thoughts rush like adrenalin
Waiting for the moment
To descend on paper.
Dust awaits the rain 
To wash away glimpses of reality
A large river overflows with rainbows
And fills the city with make-belief fantasy.

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